what is Gen Admission?


Gen Admission (originally: Coda Collectiv) was founded in February 2021 by a diverse group of women across the globe with the goal to educate and inform aspiring music industry professionals about the different jobs and opportunities that the industry has to offer. ​

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to learn about the music industry, and we want to make it more inclusive by providing resources for everyone, everywhere. Our goal is to create a space where fans, aspiring professionals, and artists can find everything they want to know.

Created by students for students, we works closely with music industry professionals to conduct research, and we pride ourselves in combining education and teaching with pedagogy and graphic design to build comprehensive educational resources responding to the needs of the next generation of music professionals.

In 2022, Gen Admission has officially become a 501c3 California Non-Profit Organization. This new structure will allow us to complete our vision, and share our resources to more students across the world!

executive team

Philadelphia, PA

Ian Hranilovich

Head of Tiktok

Los Angeles, California

Lou Rochdi

Founder | President | Head of Web Development

Cologne, Germany

Stefani Riskijevic

Co-Founder | Secretary | Head of Social Media

Athens, Greece

Fran Papageorgiou

Co-Founder | Treasurer

Mexico City, Mexico

Ixe Alba

Co-Founder | Head of Editorial

Tallahassee, Florida

Leah Miller

Co-Head of Business Development

London, UK

Hollie Thorpe

Head of Publicity

Hawaii, US

Jordan Nakao

Co-Founder | Creative Director

Nashville, Tenessee

Brian Arkin

Co-Head of Business Development