Top 5 Most Unhinged Coachella Billboards of All Time

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The Team

April 14, 2024

By Fran Papageorgiou

It's that time of the year ... Coachella weekend is taking the US in a whirlwind again. If you've been to Coachella before, you know that there is no airport next to the festival grounds. To get there you need to drive on the very busy I-10. Every year, artists use this opportunity to place some highly visible billboards next to the interstate for all people stuck in traffic to see.

If it started as a way to promote new releases and albums, we've noticed a shift in designs since covid. Billboards became less about music promotion, and more about shock value. They're getting crazier and funnier every year.

Here's our top 5(+1) pics of the most unhinged Coachella billboards we've seen!

5. RENEE RAPP - 2024

By Dazzling-Orchid695 on Reddit

A lyric in Renée's song "Tummy Hurts".

4. FINNEAS - 2022

By @pigsandplan on Instagram

A pun on Finneas' song "Naked".


By @stunninsabrina on Instagram

2. KALI UCHIS- 2023

By @10k_advertising on Instagram

Kali Uchis fans are named "Kuchis".


By Omar Apollo on X

Honorable Mention to AHF - 2024

This billboard was posted by the AHF (AIDS Healthcare Foundation). Coachella organizers asked for it to be taken down as soon as it was put up.

What's your favorite?


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